lightroom preset free download


lightroom preset free download

lightroom preset free download.

Hi, friends if you want to edit your photo in Lightroom. You have to download the lightroom preset. here you can download some dng files and XML files. Dng format is for mobile users and xml format is for pc or laptop users. 

hope it will help you in your editing project. 


How To use Lightroom presets

If you do not know what is Lightroom Presets, then let me tell you this is a type of file in which we can copy the setting of editing, whatever you do editing inside your mobile lightroom, we can do that editing. Convert it as a dng file and save it, which we call presets, it is of two types, 
first dng second XMP, we use these two different, which is our dng presets, we copy We use it by pasting and we use it by saving our xmp presets inside lightroom I hope now you have got to know what is lightroom mobile presets.

1. Create a new album in the Lightroom Mobile App. Click on the (+) icon in the Album section (right on your screen). Load all the presets in the new album. To add presets, click on the “+ & picture icon” at the right bottom of the screen. Select your mobile presets and add all the DNG files.

  • XML file
  • dng file
  • txt file
  • 4 pich lightroom preset
  • 14 Mb
  • No password

How to download

Click here on the 'click to download button. And at 7 sec and then Click on the Download file button. 


Download File

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